Our Mission

To support and enhance every student’s fine arts experience at Gilbert schools.

What We Do

    • Provide financial support to acquire materials for all school fine arts programs not covered by school budget.
    • Assist in covering the expenses of experts such as judges or workshop instructors.
    • Provide volunteers to assist during fine arts events or programs.
      Recognize and reward exceptional senior students with financial awards.
    • Manage the recycling bin that benefits a variety of Gilbert student clubs and activities.
    • Cover the cost of meals and snacks for a variety of student fine arts events.
    • Financial assistance to cover all or part of fees of a variety of workshops and camps attended by Gilbert students.

How We Do It

    • Funds from FAB memberships
    • Donations and sponsorships
    • Organize fundraisers
    • Income from the Gilbert redeemables & recycling station.

How You Can Help

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